Realistic & Affordable Synthetic Dreadlocks in Seattle & Bellevue

Realistic Synthetic Dreadlocks in Seattle & Bellevue | KaleylocksLocally owned and operated Kaleylocks offers top-quality and affordable synthetic dreadlocks to customers in Seattle, Bellevue and the surrounding area. With over 20 years’ experience in cosmetology, we’ve developed close relationships with hundreds of clients throughout the region.  Kaley has the experience, skill and creativity to produce the consistently high-quality results you want!

About Synthetic Dreadlocks

Synthetics can be added to either brushable hair or existing dreadlocks, and are a great way to play with dreadlock texture, color and length. You can bring your own, order pre-made, or have us make you a custom set. Braided in to a minimum of three inches of brushable hair and tied off with a synthetic thread, synthetics are a damage-free, gentle way to experience dreads without any long-term commitment. To remove, just snip the thread, comb out the section, and your hair is back to its natural form.

Why Try Synthetics?

  • Easily pulled back, and perfect for active lifestyles
  • Less damage to your natural hair
  • Custom color experimentation without commitment or bleaching
  • Great way to add volume & color to your existing dreads
  • Takes less time to get ready in the morning
  • Easy to accessorize
  • No more bad hair days!
  • How Long Can I Wear Synthetic Dreadlocks?

Expert Dreadlocks and Hair Coloring Salon Serving Seattle & Bellevue | Kaleylocks

Synthetics can generally be worn for 10 to 12 weeks at a time, and it’s good to remove them periodically to prevent tangling, matting and residue build-up. Regular dreadlock maintenance can help them last longer and maintain their original appearance.

Other Services

In addition to offering synthetic dreadlocks, we provide new and partial dreadlocks and other expert hairstyling advice and product recommendations, as well. Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment today!

Beautiful Synthetic Dreadlocks in the Seattle & Bellevue Area

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