Perfect New Dreadlocks in the Seattle & Bellevue Area

Beautiful New Dreadlocks | Seattle & Bellevue Area | KaleylocksKaleylocks is a highly regarded hairstyling salon offering a wide range of expert hair care services to clients in Seattle, Bellevue and the surrounding area. Locally owned and operated, and known for providing high-quality and affordable new dreadlocks from start to finish, we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers. Let us work with you to find your perfect new look!

Kaley’s Dreadlock Method

Certified in the Seienstyle method, we use no wax, gel, twisting, ripping or interlocking when creating new dreadlocks. We start by making clean sections and gently back-combing, securing each section at the base with a synthetic thread. A small hook is then used to crochet the body of the dreadlock. For full-head styling without added length, your hair must be at least five inches long. When adding length, hair must be at least three inches long. This method is gentle and safe for all hair types.

How Long Do New Dreadlocks Take?

The time commitment to sit for new dreadlocks is dependent on a number of factors, and can take anywhere from four to 16 or more hours. Some of the most important factors include:

Length of hair
Hair density

Can I Have Length Added, & What About Color?

Expert New Dreadlocks Salon Serving Seattle & BellevueOf course! We use human hair and can custom-blend the color of your new dreadlocks to your desire. We can match your natural hair, or create a custom color for an ombré effect. Choose from natural or fashion colors!

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Whole-head appointments for new dreadlocks are typically booked over two days. These appointments are long, so bring something to drink and eat. There will be a 30 min lunch break, and as there’s no waiting area, no guests or pets allowed at the studio. If you’re not big on small talk, be sure to bring a book, craft or music to pass the time.

Other Services

In addition to offering new dreadlocks, we also provide partial and synthetic dreadlocks, and dreadlock maintenance.

Affordable New Dreadlocks in the Seattle & Bellevue Area

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