Professional Dreadlock Maintenance in Seattle & Bellevue

Expert Dreadlock Maintenance in Seattle & Bellevue | KaleylocksKaleylocks offers quick and affordable dreadlock maintenance to customers in Seattle, Bellevue and the surrounding communities. A professional with over 20 years of experience in cosmetology, you can rely on Kaley’s salon for high-quality results every time.

Kaley’s Dreadlock Maintenance Technique

Certified in the Seienstyle method, we use no wax, gel, twisting, ripping or interlocking. A synthetic thread is tied at the base of each dreadlock, then a small hook is used to tighten the base and carefully tuck all loose hairs in. This method of works on all hair types and textures.

Why is Maintenance So Important?

If you’ve had dreads for a while and never had any maintenance done, you may wonder why it’s important.

  • Preserves strong bases, preventing dropping or pulling off
  • Repairs weak spots to prevent dropping
  • Keeps dreads separated and prevents Congos*

*Dreads left untouched have a natural tendency to want to breed together (congos), which can cause pulling and tension on the scalp.

How Often Should I Get Maintenance

Dreadlock Maintenance Experts Serving Seattle & BellevueFrequency of dreadlock maintenance is a personal preference. Some of our clients come in every six weeks or so, and others once a year. If you like your dreads to look neat and tidy, come more frequently. If you like a more wild/natural look, space it out. It’s all up to you!

How Long Do New Dreads Last?

New baby dreads tend to need a little more TLC in the beginning, so we recommend more frequent maintenance for them — every eight to twelve weeks.

Other Services

In addition to offering dreadlock maintenance, we provide new, synthetic, and partial dreadlocks, and custom color work. We’re also happy to provide other types of expert hairstyling advice and product recommendations, so contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment today!

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