3 Tips to Take Care of Your Dreadlocks in Winter Near Tukwila

Dreadlocks in winter tukwilaMany people take extra care to shield their dreadlocks from the strong rays of the sun and the high humidity of summer. But the cooler and dryer winter weather presents special challenges when you’re wearing a locked look, whether natural or synthetic. Here are some basic hair care tips for your dreadlocks in winter.

Moisturize When Needed

Many people experience drier skin during the winter months so it’s important to choose hydrating products to care for your scalp and locks. In addition, drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day will keep you hydrated, too, supporting healthy skin and hair.

Cover Your Locks, Especially Outdoors

Exposure to cold air and wind, in particular, can cause excessive dryness and flaking of your scalp. Protect your dreadlocks by wearing a hat or other head covering. Consider using a silk or satin scarf or lined hat to protect your dreads from the friction that can cause damage.

Keep Your Locs Maintenance Appointments

Harsher winter weather can leave you struggling to support your dreadlocks and their growth. It’s extra important to keep up with your dreadlock maintenance appointments so your loctician can identify areas of concern and work with you to find solutions. An experienced stylist knows the signs of breakage or weakening and can advise you on ways to protect your hair.

Need Help With Caring for Dreadlocks in Winter Near Tukwila?

Kaleylocks offers clients years of experience with natural and synthetic dreadlocks, including full and partial styles and custom color treatments. Clients get expert care according to the Seienstyle method, with special attention paid to identifying and fortifying weak spots and minimizing congos to protect your scalp. If you’re in need of a little TLC for your dreadlocks in winter, contact us for a convenient appointment.

Expert Help for Your Dreadlocks in Winter Near Tukwila

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What to Know About Basic Dreadlocks Care Near Bellevue

Dreadlocks care BellevueOne of the reasons why people enjoy wearing dreadlocks is because it’s an easy-care hairstyle. If you’re new to the look, though, there are some important dreadlocks care tips to remember. These apply whether you have full or partial locks with synthetic or natural hair.

Protect Dreads While You Sleep

Use a hair cap with a satin lining to shield your new locks while you sleep. A satin pillowcase is an alternative solution. It will reduce the friction your natural or synthetic locks are subject to as you move while sleeping.

Wash and Dry Your Dreadlocks Thoroughly

In order to get your hair clean without harming your dreadlocks, be sure to use a residue-free shampoo. Squeeze all of the water that you can out of them, and then repeat the process using a thick towel. Allow them to air dry completely before covering your hair.

Keep Your Maintenance Appointments

Dreadlocks, whether partial or full, require regular maintenance to keep them maturing well and looking good. If you’re starting with baby locks, you’ll need more frequent appointments until they’ve fully matured. This is a great opportunity to check in with your stylist, too, if you have questions about caring for your hair or want to continue personalizing your look, such as by coloring your hair, too.

Do You Need Help with Dreadlocks Care Near Bellevue?

Kaleylocks is dedicated to helping you achieve the dreadlocks look you’ve always wanted. Using your own hair or synthetic extensions for full or partial dreadlocks, your comfort and satisfaction are our goals. As a highly trained stylist using the Seienstyle method, Kaley offers attentive maintenance services to ensure the health of your hair, too. If you’re ready for dreadlocks or need dreadlocks care, contact us for an appointment today.

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Best Reasons to Visit a Stylist for Custom Hair Color Near Tukwila

Dyed hair Coloring your hair is a great way to embrace your individuality. While at-home box color might appear to be convenient, there are multiple reasons why visiting a stylist for custom hair color is the best way to get the look you want.

Truly Custom Results

A professional hair colorist is the most qualified person to give you the perfect shade, highlights or lowlights for your hair type and skin tone, whether you’re looking for something understated or dramatic. You’ll also get top results for more complex looks like mermaid hair or partial dreadlocks.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Using the wrong products or methods of application on your hair can damage it. Brushable hair, natural dreadlocks and synthetic dreadlocks all have different needs when it comes to coloring your hair, and a highly trained stylist is knowledgeable in the best hair color dyes and techniques for each.

Pamper Yourself

Getting your hair professionally colored is a luxury experience that does more than change your look. It can elevate your whole mood and give you a boost of confidence, knowing that your color is rich and vibrant. And when you combine that with creative styling like dreadlocks, you’ll leave the salon feeling like a million bucks.

Ready to Book a Custom Hair Color Appointment Near Tukwila?

Kaleylocks provides clients with the highest standards of expert hair coloring services aligned with your desires for a singular and distinctive look. In addition to new dreadlocks and dreadlock maintenance, our years of experience in delivering quality color that lasts has earned a loyal following, and we’d love to welcome you to our salon. Contact us today to make your custom hair color dreams come true!

Get Beautiful Custom Hair Color Near Tukwila

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Advantages of Partial Dreadlocks Styles Near Bellevue

Woman with dreadlocksDreadlocks are known the world over for their convenience and distinctive look. If you’re considering dreads for the first time, partial dreadlocks styles may be the best way to go. Here are just some of the advantages you’ll enjoy:

Less Commitment

Transforming your existing look into a full head of new dreadlocks may be too drastic of a change for you. In that case, try a partial style for a while. Your dreadlocks stylist can install a single row, do ¾ of your head or anything in between that matches your comfort level.


While dreads are indeed low maintenance, they still require some specialized care. With only partial dreads, your salon visits for installation and maintenance will be shorter. This is because you’ll have fewer dreads to prepare and care for than someone with a full set of dreads.


With the wide range of style options available to you–from natural dreads to synthetics that can add length, volume and even color instantly–you can be sure to find a partial look that reflects your personality with ease. Partial dreadlocks styles are limited only by your imagination. Trust an expert stylist to get a look you love!

Need Partial Dreadlocks Styles Near Bellevue?

Working with a skilled loctician who can transform your ideas into reality is essential when it comes to installing dreadlocks for the first time. At Kaleylocks, you’ll benefit from Kaley’s decades of experience and training in creating looks that align perfectly with her clients’ goals. From initial installation through maintenance appointments that keep partial dreadlocks styles looking and feeling great, contact us for all of your locked hair needs.

Beautiful Partial Dreadlocks Styles Near Bellevue

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Top Tips for Caring for Dreadlocks in the Seattle Area This Summer

Caring for Dreadlocks in Seattle This SummerThe strong sunshine, heat and humidity of summer can leave anyone feeling uncomfortable, but those who wear their hair in dreadlocks can use the time to add to their hair length. Use these tips to ensure you’re properly caring for dreadlocks in summer, while also protecting your locks all season long:

Avoid Sunburn

Dreads, whether natural or synthetic, can leave parts of your scalp exposed to the sun’s rays. While a hat may be impractical and dabbing sunscreen on your scalp is sticky and messy, consider a wrap or loose headband to cover the top of your head.

Use a Witch Hazel Spritz

When your head is feeling overheated and you just need some relief from the warm weather, consider spritzing your scalp with witch hazel. It typically leaves you feeling cooler without disturbing your full or partial dreads. And because of its astringent properties, witch hazel may help control excess scalp oil and sweat, an added benefit when caring for dreadlocks in summer.

Don’t Skip Your Maintenance Appointment

During the summer when you may be traveling more, it’s easy to let go of some typical routines. But keeping your appointment for dreadlock maintenance is the most reliable way to keep your locks looking good and feeling comfortable, despite the hot and humid days.

Need Help Caring for Dreadlocks Near Seattle?

Local dreadlocks salon Kaleylocks offers a full range of dreadlocks services, from maintenance care to new locks and custom hair color. Enjoy partial and full styles with natural hair or synthetics to achieve the look you’ve always wanted, provided by a highly trained and experienced loctician. When it comes to caring for dreadlocks in summer, contact us today for expert help!

Make Caring for Dreadlocks Easy Near Seattle

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3 Great Reasons to Consider Synthetic Dreadlocks Near Bellevue

Synthetic Dreadlocks Near BellevueDreadlocks are a great overall low-maintenance hairstyle, but they can require a real commitment to care at the beginning of the growing process. Fortunately, there are alternatives that allow you to achieve a locked style using your natural hair. If you love the look of dreadlocks and are ready to rock the look without the wait, consider the benefits of synthetic dreadlocks. Here are three great reasons to get them:

Get Your Locks Faster

If you’re impatient to show off your new hairstyle, synthetic extensions are a great way to jump into dreadlocks. You can debut a fully locked look as soon as your salon appointment is complete. If you’re unsure about a full dreadlocked style, consider partial dreadlocks.

They’re Temporary

With regular maintenance, these extensions are meant to be worn for up to three months. This makes them a great way to try out the style without a long-term commitment. The extensions are installed using synthetic thread and braided into your own brushable hair to minimize damage; once removed, you only need to wash and thoroughly condition your own hair to restore its original style if you decide dreadlocks aren’t for you.

They Offer Greater Versatility

You can use synthetic dreads to complement your hair’s natural color, texture and volume. Or, alternatively, create a dramatic contrast! As an alternative to pre-made sets, consider custom synthetic extensions for greater expression of your creativity while protecting your natural hair.

Need Synthetic Dreadlocks Near Bellevue?

At Kaleylocks, you can get the dreadlocked hair you’ve always wanted with your natural hair, synthetic extensions or a combination of both. Owner Kaley Mackay’s artistry and care for clients seeking installation and maintenance appointments will make you feel at ease; her decades of experience and training in the Seienstyle technique ensure great results! Learn more about the benefits of synthetic dreadlocks and contact us for a consultation today.

Expertly-Installed Synthetic Dreadlocks Near Bellevue

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Take the Plunge with Mermaid Hair in Mercer Island

Mermaid Hair in Mercer IslandIf you’re ready for a dramatic change that’s polished yet whimsical, consider mermaid hair coloring. This on-trend look is youthful and fun. Best of all, it can be customized to reflect your personal style. Learn more about how to achieve this one-of-a-kind look with expert custom coloring services in Mercer Island:

What Makes Mermaid Hair Special?

This artistic hair coloring technique involves two or more colors applied to the hair in long layers. The hair can then be styled in beachy waves for maximum impact. Typically, jewel tones or pastel colors are used. You can work with your stylist to choose the shades and custom color combinations that best fit your look, from bright pinks to marine blues, greens and purples. 

Customize the Style to Suit You

If transforming your locks into a full mermaid look is more commitment than you’re ready for, go with a peek-a-boo style. Here, the top layer of hair is left alone, concealing the colors underneath until you choose to reveal them. This is also a great choice for clients who’d prefer to keep a mermaid style more low-key because of professional concerns. Be bold but on your own terms. 

Professional Hair Coloring is Key

Because of the precision color work needed to achieve the smooth transition between shades, it’s important to trust a hair color specialist with your mermaid hair look. A skilled stylist will know the proper custom dye preparation and application methods to transform even the darkest hair into something magical. You’ll also get expert hair care advice for keeping your hair looking fresh and vibrant every day.

Interested in Mermaid Hair Coloring in Mercer Island?

When you’re ready to embrace your creativity and transform your hair into a work of art, schedule your mermaid hair coloring appointment with Kaleylocks. As a highly skilled stylist with decades of custom color experience, Kaley works with clients to achieve their dream hair, whether that’s through color work or dreadlocks. As a hair care professional certified in the Seienstyle technique, clients trust Kaley with  new dreadlocks and maintenance care, too, for partial or synthetic locks. Book your appointment today and prepare for summer with your mermaid hair in Mercer Island.

Transform Your Look with Mermaid Hair in Mercer Island

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Professional Dreadlock Maintenance FAQs Near Kent

Dreadlock Maintenance in KentDo you have questions about professional dreadlock maintenance services? Whether you have natural or synthetic dreadlocks, it’s important to make sure they’re properly cared for. While some maintenance can be performed at home, other tasks require the assistance of a professional. Keep these common inquiries in mind as you prepare for your appointment.

How often is maintenance required?

While all dreads should be cared for, the frequency of professional dreadlock maintenance varies based on personal preference. Individuals who want a clean and sleek look are likely to visit their dreadlocks salon every month, while those seeking a rougher, wilder aesthetic may only need service once or twice a year.

Does maintenance decrease lock length?

While some situations may call for a loss of length, most dreadlock maintenance sessions don’t. If you’re concerned about shortening, discuss options with your stylist. They will be able to provide details specific to your locks.

Can I visit any salon for maintenance?

Unfortunately, most salons are not familiar with or equipped to provide professional dreadlock maintenance. While traditional salons are often ideal for cuts and custom color services, lock care takes special training, which isn’t generally offered in cosmetology school. This is especially true for individuals with straight hair types. If possible, always opt for salons that specialize in dreadlocks.

Need to Schedule Professional Dreadlock Maintenance near Kent?

Don’t trust just any salon for your dreadlock maintenance. Schedule an appointment at Kaleylocks for superior and affordable results! Whether you need new dreadlocks, maintenance, or are interested in trying our partial dreadlocks, we’re here to help. With years of experience, Kaleylocks uses only proven techniques and high-quality products. Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment today!

Professional Dreadlock Maintenance near Kent

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What You Should Know about Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Near Tukwila

Synthetic dreadlock extensions tukwilaAre you considering getting synthetic dreadlock extensions for your hair? There are many benefits associated with this option, chief among them that dreadlocks are quick and easy to install. Extensions are also a wonderful way to add length to your hair. Additionally, maintenance is quite simple and you’ll be able to wear your hair in a variety of fun styles. Keep the following information in mind as you determine whether or not synthetic dreadlocks are right for you:

Single vs. Double Ended Locks

You can choose between single and double ended synthetic dreadlocks. Single ended dreads tend to be lighter and make hair look much bigger. Double ended dreads are easier to install but may become heavier over time. Your dreadlocks salon may be able to make a more specific recommendation based on your personal preferences.

Washing and Maintenance

Maintaining synthetic dreadlocks is relatively easy. The extensions can be washed once or twice a week, although residue-free dreadlock shampoo is recommended. Regular shampoo is more likely to cause unwanted buildup.

Long-Term Usage

It’s important to keep in mind that synthetic dreadlock extensions are not ideal for long-term usage. You can generally wear them for about 10 to 12 weeks at a time. Exceeding this timeframe can cause your natural hair to tangle, matt, or become damaged. If you need, you can also hire a professional to assist with dreadlock maintenance services.

Want Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Near Tukwila?

If you’re interested in getting synthetic dreadlocks, look no further than Kaleylocks. Our salon is the perfect solution for all your deadlock needs. From new dreadlocks to partial dreadlocks, we’re here to help. With years of industry experience, the use of proven techniques, and only the highest quality products, we’ll help you achieve the exact look you want. We’re also happy to provide custom color services for natural and synthetic hair!

Beautiful Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Near Tukwila

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Tips for Maintaining Synthetic Dreadlocks near Maple Valley

synthetic dreadlocks maple valleyOnce you have synthetic dreadlocks, it is essential that you know how to take care of them. While your salon can recommend a professional dreadlock maintenance schedule, there are a few additional things you can do at home to keep your dreads looking great. Taking these steps can make trips to see your stylist faster and easier. 

Use a Caring Spray

The best way to ensure your skin and hair receive the necessary nourishment is to use a specialized conditioning spray. Common natural ingredients include aloe and tea tree oil. You can ask your stylist which products they recommend.

Wear a Cap a Night

Friction while sleeping can be a problem for synthetic dreads, which may fray and frizz over time. The best way to avoid this issue is to wear a night cap to bed. Try to opt for something made using satin. This will result in the least amount of friction while you sleep.

Skip Regular Washing

It’s important to remember that synthetic dreads don’t require regular washings. In fact, anything more than once a week can cause them to become frizzy. 

Plan Accordingly

You really shouldn’t keep synthetic dreadlocks for more than three months at a time. Exceeding this recommendation can cause your natural hair to become knotted. 

Need Help with Synthetic Dreadlocks in Maple Valley?

Kaleylocks can help you maintain your synthetic dreads. Count on our salon for high-quality services and products. We can walk you through the process of getting new dreadlocks or partial dreadlocks; if you can imagine it, we can do it! Our stylists also specialize in custom color services!

Beautiful Synthetic Dreadlocks near Maple Valley

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