Common Myths About Dreadlock Hairstyles Near Seattle

If you’ve been thinking about getting dreadlocks, you probably want to know everything about them. Additionally, you may have heard some less-than-positive things about them that might be giving you second thoughts. Knowing some common myths about dreadlock hairstyles will help you decide if they are right for you. Dreadlock Hairstyles Near Seattle

Dreadlocks Are Dirty

One of the most common myths about dreadlocks is that they are dirty. As long as you care for your dreads, they will be perfectly clean and sanitary. You can do specific maintenance tasks to ensure that they stay looking and feeling their best. 

You Can’t Wash Dreadlocks

People often think that you can’t wash dreadlocks. However, washing your dreads is one of the most important things you can do. It’s an essential part of the maintenance process and is quite simple. 

Dreadlocks Are Permanent

It is a common misconception that dreadlock hairstyles are permanent. While taking them out can be a fairly long process, dreadlocks are not permanent at all. Should you decide they are no longer working for you, a professional loctician can take them out with no problems. 

Need the Best Dreadlock Hairstyles Near Seattle?

Kaleylocks is well-known for using the innovative Seienstyle technique as part of its dreadlock services to provide clients with new dreadlocks and maintenance care for natural and synthetic dreadlocks. Clients enjoy the same high level of attentive care for partial dreadlocks or full dreadlocks. Not only that, but salon owner Kaley is a professional cosmetologist with years of custom hair color experience, so you can truly get a look that reflects your distinctive style. Contact us today!

The Best Stylist for Dreadlock Hairstyles Near Seattle

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