Why Choose a Custom Hair Color Pro Near Hobart?

custom hair color hobart

Hair dye that comes in a box isn’t meant for you alone; it’s meant to appeal to a wide range of users, and so even though it might look nice, it isn’t going to give you the depth of color that professional results can provide. Custom hair color applied by an experienced colorist is the best way to achieve your personalized look and ensure the long-term health of your hair and scalp. Here’s why.

Expert Guidance

Not all hair dyes are the same. An online or drugstore DIY guide can only assess your hair at a superficial level. Trusting your locks to a highly experienced colorist in person ensures your hair is evaluated in truly natural light, along with your hair’s texture, thickness, and curl type. You get the dye that works best for your hair.

Safe Application

Hair coloring chemicals can harm your hair or scalp if used improperly. A professional cosmetologist completes a state-regulated career preparation program and earns a state license to operate. You get someone qualified to mix and apply coloring without risking chemical burns, which could happen if you do it yourself at home.

Precision Results 

Your custom hair color professional will collaborate with you to find shades that complement or contrast with your complexion and meet your hair goals. It’s the best way to get the perfect hair color shade for you, whether you want to enhance your natural color, change it completely, or go for a mermaid look. 

Interested in Professional Custom Hair Color Near Hobart?

Not only is Kaleylocks known for new dreadlocks and maintenance care using the Seienstyle technique, but salon owner Kaley is a certified cosmetologist and expert hair color stylist, too. Whether you’re interested in dreadlock services such as natural or synthetic dreadlocks, partial dreadlocks or a full set, individualized hair color, or both, contact us today for a consultation.

Look Your Best with Custom Hair Color Services Near Hobart

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