How to Grow Dreadlocks That Look and Feel Great in the Maple Valley Area

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Dreadlocks are popular for a wide range of cultural and aesthetic reasons, including being easy to care for. But that doesn’t mean you still don’t need to follow simple steps to support your dreadlocks at whatever stage they’re in. Here’s what you need to know about how to grow dreadlocks you love while keeping your hair healthy and strong.

Protect Your Hair

It’s important to nurture your locked hair in all phases of growth, so stick with gentle cleansers and avoid hair products that leave any kind of residue. Make sure to allow your hair to dry thoroughly. Take care to cover your hair when sleeping or wearing hats to guard against the friction that’s damaging to strands of hair.

Be Patient

Getting new dreadlocks is likely to shorten your hair’s appearance by up to 3 inches. Everyone’s hair grows at slightly different rates, and the process of getting your hair from baby locks to mature locks can take years. Even if you get a jumpstart with synthetic dreadlocks, it can take a few weeks or months to achieve your ideal look.

Book Maintenance Appointments with a Pro Loctician

Professional maintenance appointments for your hair ensure that you get expert guidance and support throughout the process. Whether you need advice about dry scalp, odors or other common concerns about dreadlocks or just encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing, your stylist is a valuable resource.

Want to Learn How to Grow Dreadlocks Near Maple Valley?

Kaleylocks has the precision skills and years of experience–including certified Seienstyle training– that it takes to help you achieve the look you want with natural or synthetic dreadlocks. Our salon welcomes clients seeking new natural or synthetic dreadlocks as well as those in need of high-quality maintenance care. We also offer premium hair coloring services to further personalize your hairstyle, with or without dreads. Contact us today to learn how to grow dreadlocks in full or partial styles for healthy hair. 

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