3 Tips to Take Care of Your Dreadlocks in Winter Near Tukwila

Dreadlocks in winter tukwilaMany people take extra care to shield their dreadlocks from the strong rays of the sun and the high humidity of summer. But the cooler and dryer winter weather presents special challenges when you’re wearing a locked look, whether natural or synthetic. Here are some basic hair care tips for your dreadlocks in winter.

Moisturize When Needed

Many people experience drier skin during the winter months so it’s important to choose hydrating products to care for your scalp and locks. In addition, drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day will keep you hydrated, too, supporting healthy skin and hair.

Cover Your Locks, Especially Outdoors

Exposure to cold air and wind, in particular, can cause excessive dryness and flaking of your scalp. Protect your dreadlocks by wearing a hat or other head covering. Consider using a silk or satin scarf or lined hat to protect your dreads from the friction that can cause damage.

Keep Your Locs Maintenance Appointments

Harsher winter weather can leave you struggling to support your dreadlocks and their growth. It’s extra important to keep up with your dreadlock maintenance appointments so your loctician can identify areas of concern and work with you to find solutions. An experienced stylist knows the signs of breakage or weakening and can advise you on ways to protect your hair.

Need Help With Caring for Dreadlocks in Winter Near Tukwila?

Kaleylocks offers clients years of experience with natural and synthetic dreadlocks, including full and partial styles and custom color treatments. Clients get expert care according to the Seienstyle method, with special attention paid to identifying and fortifying weak spots and minimizing congos to protect your scalp. If you’re in need of a little TLC for your dreadlocks in winter, contact us for a convenient appointment.

Expert Help for Your Dreadlocks in Winter Near Tukwila

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