Advantages of Partial Dreadlocks Styles Near Bellevue

Woman with dreadlocksDreadlocks are known the world over for their convenience and distinctive look. If you’re considering dreads for the first time, partial dreadlocks styles may be the best way to go. Here are just some of the advantages you’ll enjoy:

Less Commitment

Transforming your existing look into a full head of new dreadlocks may be too drastic of a change for you. In that case, try a partial style for a while. Your dreadlocks stylist can install a single row, do ¾ of your head or anything in between that matches your comfort level.


While dreads are indeed low maintenance, they still require some specialized care. With only partial dreads, your salon visits for installation and maintenance will be shorter. This is because you’ll have fewer dreads to prepare and care for than someone with a full set of dreads.


With the wide range of style options available to you–from natural dreads to synthetics that can add length, volume and even color instantly–you can be sure to find a partial look that reflects your personality with ease. Partial dreadlocks styles are limited only by your imagination. Trust an expert stylist to get a look you love!

Need Partial Dreadlocks Styles Near Bellevue?

Working with a skilled loctician who can transform your ideas into reality is essential when it comes to installing dreadlocks for the first time. At Kaleylocks, you’ll benefit from Kaley’s decades of experience and training in creating looks that align perfectly with her clients’ goals. From initial installation through maintenance appointments that keep partial dreadlocks styles looking and feeling great, contact us for all of your locked hair needs.

Beautiful Partial Dreadlocks Styles Near Bellevue

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