3 Great Reasons to Consider Synthetic Dreadlocks Near Bellevue

Synthetic Dreadlocks Near BellevueDreadlocks are a great overall low-maintenance hairstyle, but they can require a real commitment to care at the beginning of the growing process. Fortunately, there are alternatives that allow you to achieve a locked style using your natural hair. If you love the look of dreadlocks and are ready to rock the look without the wait, consider the benefits of synthetic dreadlocks. Here are three great reasons to get them:

Get Your Locks Faster

If you’re impatient to show off your new hairstyle, synthetic extensions are a great way to jump into dreadlocks. You can debut a fully locked look as soon as your salon appointment is complete. If you’re unsure about a full dreadlocked style, consider partial dreadlocks.

They’re Temporary

With regular maintenance, these extensions are meant to be worn for up to three months. This makes them a great way to try out the style without a long-term commitment. The extensions are installed using synthetic thread and braided into your own brushable hair to minimize damage; once removed, you only need to wash and thoroughly condition your own hair to restore its original style if you decide dreadlocks aren’t for you.

They Offer Greater Versatility

You can use synthetic dreads to complement your hair’s natural color, texture and volume. Or, alternatively, create a dramatic contrast! As an alternative to pre-made sets, consider custom synthetic extensions for greater expression of your creativity while protecting your natural hair.

Need Synthetic Dreadlocks Near Bellevue?

At Kaleylocks, you can get the dreadlocked hair you’ve always wanted with your natural hair, synthetic extensions or a combination of both. Owner Kaley Mackay’s artistry and care for clients seeking installation and maintenance appointments will make you feel at ease; her decades of experience and training in the Seienstyle technique ensure great results! Learn more about the benefits of synthetic dreadlocks and contact us for a consultation today.

Expertly-Installed Synthetic Dreadlocks Near Bellevue

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