Take the Plunge with Mermaid Hair in Mercer Island

Mermaid Hair in Mercer IslandIf you’re ready for a dramatic change that’s polished yet whimsical, consider mermaid hair coloring. This on-trend look is youthful and fun. Best of all, it can be customized to reflect your personal style. Learn more about how to achieve this one-of-a-kind look with expert custom coloring services in Mercer Island:

What Makes Mermaid Hair Special?

This artistic hair coloring technique involves two or more colors applied to the hair in long layers. The hair can then be styled in beachy waves for maximum impact. Typically, jewel tones or pastel colors are used. You can work with your stylist to choose the shades and custom color combinations that best fit your look, from bright pinks to marine blues, greens and purples. 

Customize the Style to Suit You

If transforming your locks into a full mermaid look is more commitment than you’re ready for, go with a peek-a-boo style. Here, the top layer of hair is left alone, concealing the colors underneath until you choose to reveal them. This is also a great choice for clients who’d prefer to keep a mermaid style more low-key because of professional concerns. Be bold but on your own terms. 

Professional Hair Coloring is Key

Because of the precision color work needed to achieve the smooth transition between shades, it’s important to trust a hair color specialist with your mermaid hair look. A skilled stylist will know the proper custom dye preparation and application methods to transform even the darkest hair into something magical. You’ll also get expert hair care advice for keeping your hair looking fresh and vibrant every day.

Interested in Mermaid Hair Coloring in Mercer Island?

When you’re ready to embrace your creativity and transform your hair into a work of art, schedule your mermaid hair coloring appointment with Kaleylocks. As a highly skilled stylist with decades of custom color experience, Kaley works with clients to achieve their dream hair, whether that’s through color work or dreadlocks. As a hair care professional certified in the Seienstyle technique, clients trust Kaley with  new dreadlocks and maintenance care, too, for partial or synthetic locks. Book your appointment today and prepare for summer with your mermaid hair in Mercer Island.

Transform Your Look with Mermaid Hair in Mercer Island

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