Professional Dreadlock Maintenance FAQs Near Kent

Dreadlock Maintenance in KentDo you have questions about professional dreadlock maintenance services? Whether you have natural or synthetic dreadlocks, it’s important to make sure they’re properly cared for. While some maintenance can be performed at home, other tasks require the assistance of a professional. Keep these common inquiries in mind as you prepare for your appointment.

How often is maintenance required?

While all dreads should be cared for, the frequency of professional dreadlock maintenance varies based on personal preference. Individuals who want a clean and sleek look are likely to visit their dreadlocks salon every month, while those seeking a rougher, wilder aesthetic may only need service once or twice a year.

Does maintenance decrease lock length?

While some situations may call for a loss of length, most dreadlock maintenance sessions don’t. If you’re concerned about shortening, discuss options with your stylist. They will be able to provide details specific to your locks.

Can I visit any salon for maintenance?

Unfortunately, most salons are not familiar with or equipped to provide professional dreadlock maintenance. While traditional salons are often ideal for cuts and custom color services, lock care takes special training, which isn’t generally offered in cosmetology school. This is especially true for individuals with straight hair types. If possible, always opt for salons that specialize in dreadlocks.

Need to Schedule Professional Dreadlock Maintenance near Kent?

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Professional Dreadlock Maintenance near Kent

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