What You Should Know about Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Near Tukwila

Synthetic dreadlock extensions tukwilaAre you considering getting synthetic dreadlock extensions for your hair? There are many benefits associated with this option, chief among them that dreadlocks are quick and easy to install. Extensions are also a wonderful way to add length to your hair. Additionally, maintenance is quite simple and you’ll be able to wear your hair in a variety of fun styles. Keep the following information in mind as you determine whether or not synthetic dreadlocks are right for you:

Single vs. Double Ended Locks

You can choose between single and double ended synthetic dreadlocks. Single ended dreads tend to be lighter and make hair look much bigger. Double ended dreads are easier to install but may become heavier over time. Your dreadlocks salon may be able to make a more specific recommendation based on your personal preferences.

Washing and Maintenance

Maintaining synthetic dreadlocks is relatively easy. The extensions can be washed once or twice a week, although residue-free dreadlock shampoo is recommended. Regular shampoo is more likely to cause unwanted buildup.

Long-Term Usage

It’s important to keep in mind that synthetic dreadlock extensions are not ideal for long-term usage. You can generally wear them for about 10 to 12 weeks at a time. Exceeding this timeframe can cause your natural hair to tangle, matt, or become damaged. If you need, you can also hire a professional to assist with dreadlock maintenance services.

Want Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Near Tukwila?

If you’re interested in getting synthetic dreadlocks, look no further than Kaleylocks. Our salon is the perfect solution for all your deadlock needs. From new dreadlocks to partial dreadlocks, we’re here to help. With years of industry experience, the use of proven techniques, and only the highest quality products, we’ll help you achieve the exact look you want. We’re also happy to provide custom color services for natural and synthetic hair!

Beautiful Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Near Tukwila

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