Common Questions about Partial Dreadlocks near Des Moines

partial dreadlocks near Des MoinesIt’s not uncommon for those new to dreads to be a little hesitant about making such a drastic change. Fortunately, there are ways to dip your toes into the water, so to speak. You don’t have to have all your hair put into dreadlocks right away. Instead, you can choose to have just one or two dreads, which allows you to see whether or not the style suits you. These common questions and answers can help you decide if partial dreadlocks are right for you.

What are they, exactly?

Instead of covering your entire head in new dreadlocks, you can opt to have only a portion done. This means at least some of your hair will be left down. Partial dreads can be placed anywhere you want, so there’s often a lot of creativity involved in developing your new look.

How are they done?

Partial dreads are created the same way regular dreadlocks are. The process will be identical, except that it will end sooner. Dreadlock maintenance is still necessary, but only for the dreadlocks themselves. The rest of your hair can be maintained as usual.

Why go partial?

There are a few different reasons people choose partial dreads over a full set. In many cases, they’re intrigued by the look but unsure if it’s really for them. Having just one or two dreadlocks can serve as a really good introduction. Alternatively, some people choose partial dreadlocks specifically because it looks cool and is different. 

Interested in Partial Dreadlocks near Des Moines?

Count on Kaleylocks for all your full and partial dreadlocks. Our dreadlocks salon can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted! We also offer assistance with synthetic dreadlocks and custom color. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Beautiful Partial Dreadlocks near Des Moines

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